Saturday, 30 June 2012

Fushimi Inari-taisha

Inari refers to Shinto's god of rice and people come over here to do sacred worshipping but me, I enjoy appreciating all these thousands of red pillars built around the temple. As I said before, you need a good pair of shoes here since there are few trails available here for you to enjoy the view of Kyoto city and also you can walk up until the mountain summit. I just walked using the shortcuts, so I managed to save myself big 3 hours time, to walk from the entrace to the exit area. Talking about sneaky




Anyway, I came here both day and night and during the night, it does give you goosebumps and eerie feeling. This temple is so isolated amidst from all the trees and the lights were dimly lit. There are many fox or dogs statues built around the temple which scream "You are going to be my dinner tonight" while staring at you directly. Thankfully, there were few hardcore Japanese who jogged around at night, phewww


Ooh yeah, me as the guardian of the temple.

The temple view during the day