Saturday, 30 June 2012


Though it has been a month since I travelled to Japan, the memories are freshly kept and locked in my mind. How I got there in the first place was kind of funny though, just browsing through cheap airline website and I did few clicks and booyeahh finally ended up with an itinerary to Japan for a week, all by myself. Talking about impulsivity of a lonely guy,huh...

So I went there during its early summer (late May to early June) and I managed to travel to most of the places ie. Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Lake Kawaguchi. There are plentiful resources out there about Japan and I’m here to share my personal experience.

Day 1 – 27/05

I spent a night at the Haneda Airport International Terminal while waiting for the next train in the morning bound to Kyoto. There are few hotels nearby but I chose to sleep on the seats provided (cause it’s free) and they do have shower and nap rooms for rent [Nap Room (1 hr.): ¥1,000 and Shower Room (30 min.): ¥800]

Then, I boarded Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatsucho station then via JR Yamanoto Line to Tokyo Station to activate my JR Rail Pass. From there, I reserved a seat on shinkansen (bullet train) at JR Ticket Office. The journey from Tokyo to Kyoto took me about approximately 2 hours .

Once I reached Kyoto Station, I quickly stored my bag in the locker available (300¥ per day) and grabbed any flyers available at Kyoto Tourist Information Office. I also bought Kyoto One-Day Passes for City Buses for 500¥ and I reckon this is essential if you are going to do a lot of sight-seeing in one day. The buses in Kyoto are quite unique and interesting, you hop on the bus from the back door and then you leave from the front door, after you pay the bus’s fare to the driver. The city bus costs you a flat-rate 200¥ , doesn’t matter how far or close you are with your destination.

Places that I went:

  1. Kiyomizu Dera

  2. Gold pavilion

  3. Inari temple

  4. Bamboo forest

I skipped Nijo castle because I’m simply not interested in it and all the places abovementioned are worth to visit. The pictures are coming up soon, stay tune.


Asyraaf Kadir