Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Are you travelling alone?

Hi there,people.

What's the matter with travelling alone? Is it cool or is it just you don't have any friends?

Share with me your experience on travelling alone, if you ever had one in the past.

Let's see who got the best experience!


  1. Hi!
    I love travelling alone, as I think that it's the best (or even only) way to meet people! I am quite shy, but if I'm alone I have no problem to speak with foreigners, as I don't like solitude.
    I've been six months in Australia (alone) and I met so many people, then I started a new life in Barcelona without knowing anybody there. It was harder to meet people as I wasn't there for holidays, but I have now so many friends. My last trip alone (but with my camera) was in Stockholm last May and I enjoyed having time to take my time! I wasn't in the mood to meet people, so I just enjoyed taking photos and walking around the city.
    My next trip alone will be 6 months travelling in South America from September, and its a decision to do it alone (my family and boyfriend are not really happy with the idea!). I know that it will be an experience enriched by the people I will meet and that wouldn't be the same if I weren't travelling alone.
    And what about you?

  2. Wow! That's a lot places that you have been alone for a while, and for me that's really cool! I agree with you, it's easier to get closer to the locals when you are travelling alone since you have no one to talk too and sometimes you just want to speak out and to be heard.
    (I learnt a bit of French when I went to Europe last time)
    Same with me too, I travel alone because I've got more time with my camera to take photos and those photos that you took in Paris are really amazing. More time with camera means more great pictures! I like you philosophy.
    It must be really hard though to spend about 6 months in a new place on your own, and no wonder your family are so worried.
    Anyway, what are you doing at the moment? Working? It seems that you have a lot of time to travel around and I wish I could the same like you.
    Tell me more about your plan to South America soon!!