Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Crocodile or Bujang Senang?

I can't help not to post an entry about this but seriously the title itself is so eye-catching. It's the front page of local Sarawak's newspaper dated today, 3rd of July.

Got this photo from the

Anyway,talking about the crocs I do have my own story to share. I went back to my dad's hometown few weeks ago which is really far deep inside the Sarawak's thick forest and it is just next to the river. Little might know that the river accommodates numbers of crocs and one of them does "hang-out" close to our village. It keeps on lingering around the village as it is awaiting for its next prey to devour.

I'll give you guys a tour around my dad's kampung (village).All pictures were taken from iPhone 4s, so cut me a slack.



These wooden planks are still holding on and they have been ages.


This is where the croc's hideout spot and I did throw him a bait to call upon it (so I could have a look at him)


Can you see its enormous tail? Once it slapped you with it, I wonder where your head will be then.



The wild croc played hide and seek with me (the video was rotated few times,trust me I was scared like hell standing on that wooden plank while recording the video.I was really close to it and I was afraid that it might jump out from the river).


The croc caught my bait and it chewed it relentlessly. Strong teeth I might say.I was impressed.