Monday, 6 October 2014

Sarawak Laksa

What for breakfast? For local Kuchingite like me, Sarawak Laksa immediately crossed my mind and staying a continent away from hometown definitely makes me miss it more. Even the famous Anthony Bourdain, the well-known celebrity chef admitted that Sarawak Laksa is the best among all Laksas that he had tasted. Thankfully I brought some of the laksa paste here so I can enjoy "Laksa Sarawak" wherever I am. So let have some eye-feast of the famous local Sarawak cuisine.


All you need are

1. 2 sticks of lemongrass

2. 3 eggs

3. 500g of chicken (any part is fine,but chicken breast is better)

4. 500g of fresh raw prawns

5. Few spoonfuls of shrimp paste

6. Few red chillies (according to taste)

7. A packet of rice vermicelli (mee hoon)

8. A can of coconut milk

9. Haji Manan's Laksa Sarawak paste (the secret ingredient)


1. Prepare the prawn stock. Clean and devein the prawns and remove half of the shells but don't throw away the shells yet. Boil them all together in about 2 litres of water with the lightly smashed lemongrass.

2. Then toss the prawns and their shells and add in the paste, coconut milk and season it with salt. You can add as much coconut milk as you want, according to your taste. I prefer half of the can because I don't want the creamy milk overwhelms the spices in the paste. Season it slightly with salt, since the stock is quite salty.

3. Prepare other ingredients, which are the chickens and the omelette. Either boil, grill or fry them, depend on your preferences and then shred them thinly.

4. Prepare a hot water bath and soak the rice vermicelli for 2 mins and toss them away.

5. For an extra "oomphh", prepare "Sambal Belacan" by blending or grounding the shrimp paste with red chillies together. The amount of chillies and shrimp paste are according to your choices; more spicy add more chillies. You can soften the "sambal" by adding 1 tsp of hot water.

6. To serve it, add the noodles first then the condiments. Finally pour the gravy/stock in. Enjoy.


Shredded chickens, omelette and cooked prawns.


Rice vermicelli (already soaked in hot water)


"Sambal Belacan"