Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sarawak's Local Dishes

Sarawak is one the states in Malaysia and it charms everyone who visits it; while gazing at its countless natural wonders and enjoying the friendly atmosphere with many local ethnicities in town. And of course, food defines a place and Sarawak does offer cuisines that will keep running in your memories.

Here are the few must-try local dishes that have caught my taste palette for ages :

1.Sarawak Laksa

Never fail to charm everyone who visits Sarawak and of course it is a must-try dish for every visitors. It is a unique and different Laksa from other Laksas in Malaysia; it serves you with rice vermicelli and sliced omelettes, chickens, prawns and the gravy itself is a bit like curry-ish, creamy and spicy. "Sambal belacan" with a spritz of lime juice will add another "oommphhh" into the dish.

Try the recipe here which was home made by me.

2. Kolo Mee

Here is another noodle-based dish which has been everyone's favourite besides Sarawak Laksa. It is a Yee Mee noodle (which is used for sizzling dish) and serves with beef stock with additional condiments like sliced beef, or fried tofu. "Sambal Kicap" is also the additional condiment which will give the extra zing into the noodle-soup-like-dish.

I've tried this recipe couple of times and it never fails to entertain my guests.

3. Umai

Umai is Melanau's staple food and thanks to my mum's heritage of Melanau,I have been introduced to this dish since I was a kid. Never a single second that I would never eat this, it's always my mum's winning dish. It's a basically a dish of fresh slices of fish/jellyfish which is mix together with many flavourful ingredients like onion, red chillies, lime juice, salt, sugar, pounded shallot and ginger flower (bunga kantan). To some, it may look like a cold salad.

You can get the recipe from here.

4. Midin Belacan

This is a tasty veggies dish cooked with shrimp paste (belacan) and served with hot steamed rice. The Midin is a miding fern which can be easily obtained from the wild and has been served at many local eateries in Sarawak. The veggies is fried quickly with spoonfuls of shrimp paste in order to keep its freshness while not over-cooking the sensational taste of "belacan".

5. Sarawak Layered Cakes

These cakes are really tedious to make and I'm glad there is a lot cake shops in town that selling varieties of pretty and colorful layered cakes. Just imagine, have to bake each layer slowly and what if there are 15 layers in a cake, that will take a lot of commitment to make one layered cake. Some people said, all the cakes taste the same and only differ in presentation but for me each cake does distinct in flavours compared to other layered cakes. Maybe it takes years to train your taste palette to distinguish it, like how local Sarawakian would do.

p/s: All the pictures are courtesy of Google Image and their respective owners.