Saturday, 7 July 2012

Shinbashi Atagoyama Tokyu Inn's Review

The hallway entry, you can see how narrow it is.

I stayed at Shinbashi Atagoyama Tokyu Inn for 3 days while I was in Tokyo. It took me about 15 minutes to walk from the Shinbashi Station to the hotel (unless if you are using the subway from the station it may only take about 5 mins). The hotel is easily identifiable with its neon red light on top of the building at night. I was assigned into a single room at level 12 and according to the hotel's website, this hotel is really close to the magnificent Tokyo Tower. Yet, tall buildings obscured my view of the tower  and if you still want to have the pretty lit Tokyo Tower's view at night, more expensive hotel like Nikko Hotel would be a good choice.

Really small room for a single traveller but at an affordable price,I would totally recommend this hotel to any single traveller who wish to stay in Tokyo for a short period of time. Free Wi-Fi is available at the lobby and like other hotels in Tokyo, each room is supplied with a LAN cable.

Bathroom is clean and equipped with the typical Japanese hi-tech savvy toilet which is quite an intrigued experience to new users.

Not that spacious, but it is good enough if you are only here for rest at night.

My view of the renowned Tokyo Tower.