Sunday, 1 February 2015

Tokyo Tower

Here I was, at the magnificent Tokyo's most famous landmark the Tokyo Tower. Stands at 1000 ft and resembles closely to the Eiffel Tower, this tower is amazingly lit at night which attracts major tourists and even local people from all across Japan.


There are two observation decks open for tourists, the Main and the Special Observatory Decks and visitors need to pay 800 ¥ and 620 ¥(for the latter) separately. There are other attractions at the foot of the tower like the wax museum and even aquarium. 

Usually, you can view Mt. Fuji from afar but unlucky me it was a bit cloudy on that day (I reached there in the late afternoon). Considering that you have to pay staggering 1420 ¥ to view Tokyo from above on the tower, you may consider other alternative like the observation deck of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building which is open freely to public until 11pm.