Sunday, 1 July 2012


So after I was done touring around Kyoto and Lake Kawaguchiko, I was ready for Tokyo's exploration. I spent 3 nights over there and I reassured you they were not enough. You may need a week at least to get through all the tiny and fancy things that Tokyo offers. She's amazing!

A local advised me to hop on the JR Yamanoto line to get a brief glimpse of Tokyo, which took me about an hour to finish touring around it while sitting in the quite train (you are not allowed to make noise in the train, there are even  notices around it mentioned to keep the mobiles in silent mode).

I stayed at Shimbashi Atagoyama Tokyu Inn which is quite close to Tokyo's famous attraction, the Tokyo tower. Of course you can get a closer view if you stay at the fancier or more expensive hotel like Nikko Tokyo (I was on budget anyway).

I did a lot of walking though and every second of it, I enjoyed being Japanese. Commute the train, enjoy the vendor's street food and walk as fast as Japanese does.

I went to most of the scenic and popular tourist spots in Tokyo:

1. Tokyo Tower

2. Ginza

3. Tokyo Imperial Palace

4. Akihabara

5. Asakusa - Sensoji Temple

6. Shinjuku - Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

7. Shibuya

8. Harajuku - Meiji Shrine

9. Omotesando

I wish I could have spent more days here but financial constraints just hit me like a rock thrown in my face. Bear in mind, Tokyo has been topping the list of World's Most Expensive Cities for couple of years now.


Asyraaf Kadir