Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ramadan Bazaar in Adelaide

Ramadan is the ninth month in Islamic calendar and all muslims around the world are obliged to fasting with few exceptions in some people. Apart from fasting themselves from food and drink, they are also encouraged not to commit any sinful acts and increase their religious repertoire to strengthen their faith or Imaan in their Almighty.

Fasting usually starts in between sun rise to sun set, and depends on where you are your fasting period is varies. It's during the break-fasting where all the joy of Ramadan is hidden, when the Muslims are gathering together to celebrate the festive atmosphere of Ramadan. Good home-made food and warm bonding between them, it all ties Muslims as a one big family.

Being a Malaysian in a foreign country is not that difficult, you will probably meet anyone from your local town and then there is a likelihood that you will hang out together. And the idea of putting up a Ramadan Bazaar here in Adelaide will definitely gather all the Malaysians around closely and reconnecting among themselves like how Ramadan is meant to be.

Different local Malaysians dishes and delicacies were on sale, and this will stir anyone's memory of how good Ramadan Bazaar was back at their hometown.


Chilly winter in Adelaide and all the trees were out of leaves.IMG_7206-1





Satays, slowly grilled marinated chickens on sticks and served with spicy and sweet peanut sauce.IMG_7210-1

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