Friday, 26 October 2012

Has Apple losses its Midas touch?

I'm personally an Apple's enthusiast, I love everything from them. Solidly structured, sleekly designed and high-tech engineered; the beauty of their products has really encaptivated its own crowd and create this massive Apple's fan database worldwide. But somehow I believe that Apple has really losses its Midas touch. Too little upgrade from each new updated products, boring design over and over again but still pricey that can pop your eyeballs out. I wish Apple can get me getting more excited for each new products release and I hope you Apple's hardcores out there are agreed with my personal opinion.


Apple's enthusiast.


  1. Do you think this may have something to do with Steve Jobs no longer being at the helm? Or do you think that it's something else affecting the lack of spark?

  2. I've no idea.It seems that Apple just draining others money by making the same products over and over again.But people are still buying them.I wish Apple make my jaw dropped again with their next phone perhaps.