Friday, 16 November 2012

iOS 6 battery problem? #quickfix

Ever since I had my iPhone 4s upgraded to iOS6, the battery problem has been getting on my nerves most of the time. Even 1 min I spent on my mobile for Twitter already costed me like 2% of battery. True level of annoyance.

So I did my research and I think I should share this to everyone. It works for me and I hope it does to other iOS6 users.

1. Go to settings >> privacy >> location services >> system services (scroll down to the bottom) >> turn off the "Genius for Apps, Location-Based iAds and Traffic".

2. Then, go to cellular (on settings page) >> scroll down to the bottom and turn off the "iTunes, Passbook updates and Reading list".

3. Restart your mobile then you will probably notice the differences. Probably. I'm not promising it but it was helpful to me.

Go and try it!


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