Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Short summer break

I wish I could spend more time on this blog but gosh, everything runs not as smooth as I hoped. Finished this year's study and currently awaiting result that will be out in like a week time (cray cray crazy), packed and moved out from my current rented house, flew 9 hours back to my hometown and arranged last minute wedding preparation. These were happening last week and it takes that short period of time to give you this immense brain's short-circuit. It's crazy but I'm glad to be at home with the loved ones. Kuching has been amazing. The food definitely the one that I've been craving and devouring the most. One thing that annoys me now, the weather. The dusty, humid air that flares up my sinusitis that makes my daily morning wake-up is not pretty like everyone else. I try my best to keep you updated with my short summer break and hopes everyone is having a wonderful journey ahead.



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