Thursday, 27 December 2012

Kusuma Seafood, Patong @ Phuket


Look at that monstrous lobster! (with its pretty condiments)

Halal food is easy to find in Phuket, especially in the tourist-major area like Patong. Kusuma Seafood is one of the best halal place in town and I definitely recommend it to every Muslims that flock into Patong. Reasonable price, wide range of menus and most importantly the warm hospitality of the locals.

It is owned together by a pair of a Malaysian and a Thai and it serves typical Malaysian and Thai dishes. You can feel the authenticity of the food and immerse yourselves into the rich taste of Thai's culinary skills.

My family and I spent about 300 baht here on 2 days course of dinner.  Feeding 7 members of the family is not cheap but the big portion of the servings was worth it.

It is right across the Novotel Patong, you will hardly miss it. To my understanding, it only opens at night. So no need to grab your lunch here.



This was only the other side of the table. We joined 2 tables together and gosh, I forgot to snap the lobsters into frame.



Dont' forget to try the local's signature dessert, Mango with Sticky Rice Pudding and Coconut Milk.

Kusuma Seafood. 118 Rat U Thit Song Roy Pee Road, Pa Tong, Phuket.