Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Men and online shopping

I always enjoy a short shopping trip, yeap short. Too long just worsens my knee's pain and then the shopping's satisfaction immediately gone.

For me Kuching was never a shopping hotspot, neither it was a bustling metro city. Thus shopping was kinda made hard for me. So, where I shop without hurting both my knee caps? Oh yeah, triple WWW.

Honestly, online shopping does have its own perks. It is easier and more comfortable for those who want to avoid public contact. But it's not for those who can never wait. I also had few of its pitfalls; the sizes went wrong, didn't like what I bought because they looked different from the website, and so many more. But I never regret. I keep on cashing out online just because it's not easy to get the items that I want here in Kuching.

These are few of my favourite websites ASOS MenAbercrombie and Fitch and Topman.

There are also few local Malaysians websites like Fashion Valet Men and Zalora Men but had never purchased anything from them yet. Probably will do soon!


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  1. Bah, ju shopping ctok https://www.facebook.com/SophieParisBFFHub hehe...