Saturday, 5 January 2013

Phi Phi Island

My recent trip to Phuket was not a single-bachelor trip so nothing nasty or out-of-my-mind can be done. It was a good-bonding family-trip and really it was a good one. I followed my dad who was attending a conference at Patong Beach Hotel while I spent most of my time touring around the islands in Phuket. The most famous one, Phi Phi Island.

At the dock where we boarded the cruise ship.

My family and I boarded a ship cruise from Phuket Jetty and the ride was a bumpy one. My mum had a terrible seasick and it was a wet journey (if you are sitting outside). The sun only shone through when we arrived on the island. Nonetheless, it was a wet and gloomy journey. Bad timing. Next time to those who are keen to visit Phuket, pick the suitable dates with warmer weather so you can get your sun tan all the time.


The diving boats are ready to pick up their valued customers from the cruise ship.


People are that many.

We travelled during the high-peak season so the snorkelling session was quite crowded and it was not a pleasant experience. A lot of people around you trying to shove everyone away and gosh they couldn't even keep themselves calm. I still remember there was one this foreigner who even jumped above me to get a strong hold of me, do I even look like a strong anchor to you? I'm just a stick.





Snorkelling at Maya Bay





At Phi Phi Island


I've no idea who that was but he stayed asleep throughout the journey. I missed my chance to take a photo next to that flag.

I don't have any waterproof camera so no underwater photo taken but for me, it's better to snorkel or dive during less crowded season and under the bright shining sun. Probably during the months out of the monsoon weather.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable trip with family and of course no one is a better travel companion than them.