Friday, 18 January 2013

Seoul, South Korea

What a wonderful kickstart to 2013; I managed to squeeze in a short trip to Seoul, South Korea while it was snowing prettily all over the place. Being frozen down by the extreme weather (-12 C) on some days didn't hold back my enthusiasm on uncovering Seoul.

I spent about 8 days over there with my mates and we were also accompanied by couple of Malaysians who are studying in local Korea's universities. So communication was not a barrier at all and we were quite happy to stroll around Seoul without any worry.

What surprised me was that Seoul or generally South Korea is about 60 years post-war yet it managed to propel itself into the future and stands alongside biggest names in industrialised countries like Japan and even United States. I was told that the root of Korean's culture which is to get things done fast or "palli-palli" is generating the tremendous wave to create the well-developed Korea and thus pushing their country forward.

Seoul, Seoul, Seoul.

Despite the frenzy fanatic fan-love of K-Pop all around the world, Korea yet offers other attractions like the natural wonders and of course the authentic Korean dishes. Kimchi and bibimbap, you name it.

I will come up with all the pictures soon and let them speak for themselves.