Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Medicine post-high school?

Medicine is a tough and demanding field of study and NOT everyone can be a doctor.

Malaysians kids are inspired to become health practitioners post-SPM and with booming numbers of medical schools in town, now everyone can be a doctor.

People tend to overlook other health careers like nurses, physiotherapists and even psychologists.

Can you afford to sacrifice you leisure time studying or probably staying in hospital sucking-up to your big bosses?

Can you ever think clearly, catch your breath slowly and keep your composure amid the frenzied emergency department?

Can you get not too attached to your patients though compassionate is your best virtue?

and etc.

People put high expectations on their doctors and if you wish to make more money or gain reputation, it's better for you to do whatever else but NOT medicine.

If you wish to make more money, do business.

If you wish to help more people, do social science/ voluntary work/ do business or entrepreneurship.

If you wish to follow your parents' advice, let them do medicine first.

If you wish to gain reputation, do politics.

Don't ever put your judgement to do medicine on others, ASK yourselves. Are you able to see yourselves in medicine for another 10 years? If you can't, better do something else.

Because medicine is never for a faint-hearted, weakly motivated and lack of perseverance.

Always put medicine at the bottom of your list. If you manage to scrape off (architecture, engineering, culinary) others and left with medicine, well I bet you have no choice.

Ask yourselves many times, do you ever want to do medicine?


  1. Ktk ambik course apa? Kamek nang salute org ambik course medicine tok. Bukan senang nak study pasal tok... nak kerja gik. Bukan leh main-main.. tol sik? All the best to you! :)

  2. hehe kmk amik medic. tp takut miak kaktok amik medic sbb mak bpk, duit. ya d binggung kita, takut berenti stgh jalan.