Monday, 11 February 2013

Thai Mango Pudding

Summer in Adelaide is blazing hot and dry so the best throat-quencher dessert is definitely a mango pudding. I had a try on this pudding back while I was in Phuket and it is so good! Sweet and creamy pudding, it's definitely worth to try out and serve them cool during tea time.

Somehow, according to the recipe that I had followed precisely the texture turned out to be custard-ish yet it is still enjoyable to devour on.


12-3 ripe mangoes

2. 1 cup of high-qualitty coconut milk

3. 1/3 cup of white sugar

4. 1/2 cup of hot boiling water

5. 3 tsp of gelatine powder


1. First, clean the mangoes and scoop out the flesh into a blender/food processor. Blend it thoroughly and if you wish to strain it,do it (so the pudding will be fibre-less)

2. Then, dissolve the gelatine powder completely into the hot boiling water mixture.

3. Once thoroughly dissolved, add sugar into the hot water mixture and stir it thoroughly without leaving any lumps in the mixture.

4. Pour the sugar and gelatine mixture into the mango puree and blend them together.

5. Finally, add in the coconut milk into the puree.

6. Once finished, pour the mixture into cups/glasses/ramekins and this can serve up to 6 people.

7. Let them sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours or until the pudding set. Serve with ice cream or fruits.