Saturday, 16 March 2013

Cooking shows

I enjoy cooking shows so much that I would rather spend my weekend on the couch than on the books. Unfortunately, I'm not a TV-person and YouTube has been helpful in curbing my craving over these shows.

So here are my latest addictions on YouTube.

1. Tastemade

These videos are made by a bunch of young inspiring food-enthusiast and I love how they portray their love of food. Great video and editing, this is sure another great cooking show that no one should miss.

2. Laura Vitale

Laura, laura, laura. She is such an adorable cook, great at engaging with the audience and she even suggested quite few interesting recipes to cook. Like "Cabbage Rolls" recipe, who on earth would even think of that unless her?

3. Dulcedelight1

Vibrant, perky and interesting young Brazillian (I assumed) who brought another level of cooking into a different length. Interesting song playlist choice when she cooks, she never fails in creating video that captures audience's attention who adores vintage and adorable cooking equipments. She was previously one of the contestants in Masterchef US in cycle 3 and I love this recipe that she had tried during the Masterchef show.

Here you go, my 3 most favourite cooking series on YouTube. Trust me, cooking is never easy; it takes perseverance and precision to create a dish that everyone will enjoy.

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