Sunday, 23 November 2014

Kolo Mee

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Mi Kolo or Kolo Mee, one of the local Sarawak traditional dishes that shouldn't be missed. Just in case if you miss it, here is a recipe I have prepared for you. Enjoy.


1. Any brand of egg noodle, preferably with medium thickness.(2 packets of 200gm egg noodle)

2. 300g of diced beef meat

3. One brown onion

4. 8-9 cloves of garlic

5. 2 tbs of soup powder (preferably ADABI) or any "sup bunjut"

6. Salt for seasoning

7. Thickened sweet soy sauce

8. 8-9 red chillies

9. One key lime

10. Chinese celeries / "Daun sup"

11. Cooking oil

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1. First, prepare the beef stock. Slice brown onion and sauté it in a hot pot with 3 tbs of cooking oil. Then add about 1.5L of water into the pot followed with beef and 2 tbs of soup powder (Measure water until it's sufficient enough to cover the meat). Let the meat cooked well in the pot and take them out and drain them well. Let them cool and add salt into the stock/ soup for seasoning.

2. In the meantime, prepare a hot water bath until it's boiling. Then add the egg noodle till it well cooked (probably about 2-3 mins)

3. For fried garlics, slice cloves of garlic thinly and fry them with 3 tbs of cooking oil until they brown evenly. Take the fried garlics out and cool them. For the oil, keep it and pour it into the cooled egg noodle and mix them well.

4. To prepare "sambal kicap", slice red chillies thinly and add few spoonfuls of thickened sweet soy sauce. Squeeze lime juice into the mixture. You can also puree chillies with mortar and pestle or a small blender.

5. To prepare the condiments, slice beef meat and chinese celeries (daun sup) thinly.

6. To serve, add the noodle with all the condiments (sliced beef and chinese celeries, fried garlics and "sambal kicap") on top of it. Then pour the stock into the noodle. Serve it warm and enjoy.

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