Monday, 27 May 2013

Food Sensation @ Seoul Part 1

Halal food is terribly hard to find in Seoul unless you stayed in Itaewon area where numerous numbers of international halal food vendors are around. Luckily, a dear friend of mine who has been studying in Seoul for 3 years voluntarily offered her expertise in Korean culture to give me a tour of food sensation in Seoul.

Rarely there is halal Korean restaurant available. So usually I tried their seafood menu eg grilled fish and reminded them to omit any pork or meat in their dishes.

This is how they serve their dishes normally. Plenty of bowls scattered on the table. You can see bowls of kimchi in the picture above with other side-dishes (I reckon that's how you call them). Some of them are quite tasty but others' taste are unbearable.

This place is quiet close to Gwangjang Market, Seoul but I barely remember how to get there exactly. It's right along the narrow path where hundreds people gushed through it at one time.