Monday, 27 May 2013

Food Sensation @ Seoul Part 2

So here is another collection of photos of another food tasting in Seoul. This was taken while I was on my way to the Namsan Tower.

So I tried a Korea's signature dish, Bibimbap which literally means "mixed rice". A nice ajeossi even get down to the floor to teach us how to eat them properly. 

And again, you can see there are many bowls with each different dish served with the Bibimbap.

It is quite delicious, I guess it's also up to how well you mix all the ingredients (rice and etc) together. You have to dig down the bowl and mix it all the way up to ensure it is well mixed, so that you won't lose all the flavour from the bottom of the bowl.

It's harder than it looks, especially with someone like me that have uncoordinated hands.

Come and pay a visit to the ajeossi's restaurant!