Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Street Food @ Seoul Part 3

So this time, I had dinner with my mates at one of the restaurants in Hongdae area, which was about 5min walking distance from my hostel (Ann Guest House). You can see there were few foreigners around in the restaurant and surprisingly even some of them can speak Korean fluently.

We were seated on a table of five with a big pan in the middle. The dish was prepared as shown in the pictures. A waiter cooked the meal for us while we sat there and rambling random things.

That's a generous amount of chilli paste for cooking. Usually in Malay society, it's better to "tumis" or saute the paste to get rid of that awful raw taste of chilli. But Koreans, they just dump it into the rice and mix them. 

And there it was, a spicy Korean fried rice with its side-dish. It didn't appeal to my taste palate though, its raw chilli taste burnt most of my tastebuds. I have a really low tolerance to hot and spicy things.