Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Basaga @ Kuching


Basaga Restaurant.. sounds exotic and so does the ambience around it.

It is part of the Basaga Holiday Residences which is quite nice, exteriorly. It is quite well-known to foreigners who are looking for atypical holiday experience in Kuching. 

I enjoy the ambience. It's relaxing and it's definitely a place for hang-out and enjoying a comforting company until late night. Food wise; westernised menu with reasonable price I assumed. Taste wise; just ordinary food. 


Seafood Olio

Chicken Chop

Well, it's quite secluded but that guarantees its tranquillity and calmness surrounding the atmosphere. It's near Chong Lin Park and you might miss the hidden narrow path into the restaurant if you cruise along the main road quickly. It's quite hard to notice the pathway which is on your left side.

Just in case if you want to try out the menu here, please make sure that you drive slowly along the main road (across the Buddhist Temple with the massive female statue next to Shell Station) so that you won't miss it.

Basaga Restaurant. Chong Lin Park. Kuching.