Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bing! Coffee @ Kuching

Hot Milo 

Interior Bing! Coffee (The Hills)

Carrot Cake

Gourmet Burger

Cessar Salad 

Looking for a good spot for catching up with friends? Bing! Coffee is the newly introduced coffee shops franchise in Kuching and it has plenty of branches around Kuching. Pictures above were taken at Bing! Coffee The Hills. 

It provides extensive menu than Starbucks which will make you full with  their glorious delicious food choices rather than from the expensive coffees. You can also stay late night with the free Wi-Fi provided.

Price wise; slightly expensive but pretty standard for a coffee shop. Yoghurt mango is RM 15 and a coke is RM 5 are quite ridiculous but what do you expect?

Taste wise; just OK. Not going to make me craving for more. 

A great spot for hang-out with wide selection of menus.

Bing! Coffee. Kuching.