Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Magna Carta @ Kuching

I love this restaurant! Love it! Always pay a visit here whenever I'm back in hometown.

I enjoy the deco, love everything about it from the old colonial British Courthouse strong built to the extensive list of mouthwatering dishes. They mainly cater the Westernised food and I love their Seafood Aglio Olio and I believe it's the best in town!

Opens late till 11pm, this restaurant is perfect for catching up with friends. The cool breeze from the Sungai Sarawak at night adds a calming touch to its already wonderful tranquillity. You can sit indoor and outdoor, whichever you wish.

To my understanding, it was founded by "Magenta" owners which is just next door.

The parking space is a bit "inadequate", so you may have to park along the main road, across the restaurant.

You may find it's a bit hidden among all the trees, but rest assured it is right across the Kuching Waterfront. In case if you're wondering, it's right in the Old Courthouse.

The prices are quite expensive though some of the dishes are worth the pennies, like I mentioned one of them above.

I love it! Will never forget to visit it whenever I'm in town.

Magna Carta Cafe. Old Courthouse. Main Bazaar. Kuching.