Wednesday, 19 June 2013

ABC Top Spot @ Kuching

A glorious place for seafood junkies!

Num. 10 restaurant is my family's favourite.

Don't come after 8pm because it's surely jam packed with humans! But surely if you've patience and integrity, you can wait until other clear their tables for you. So come early to take spots closest to the wall fan (because you need it!).

Well since it's a food court, it can be a bit crowded, noisy and warm (or I would say hot and sweaty) but you can't resist its great food and price. (Though it depends on which restaurant that you pick)

Make sure you stroll around the food court and don't forget to try out the local dishes like "umai, manok pansoh" and etc. The coconut drinks are refreshing!

"Manok Pansoh" literally means Chicken in Bamboo.

The whole serve is for me and my family. More yet to come!

Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the local hospitality here in the glorious dining venue in Kuching.

Top Spot Food Court. Jln. Padungan. Bukit Mata Kuching. Kuching. Malaysia.