Monday, 22 July 2013

Japan's highlight

It has been a year since my trip to Japan yet the memories keep on running like it was there all the time. So what if you only got a really short trip to Japan and wish to have a revitalising introduction into Japan?

Japan is like another planet; flamboyant and colorful cultures with technology 50 years ahead of time. It would be a wasteful trip if you can't get enough out of your short stay there.

So here's is my suggestion:

1. Visit Tsukiji Fish Market and taste its fresh sushi

Here is where all the magic starts. Come here early in the morning, preferably around 5 AM ish and you will be entertained by energetic fish auctioning among the fish mongers and potential buyers. It is a restricted area (to some extent) so you better aware of any areas that are available for live viewing. Then, try to get your morning started with a fresh made sushi around the area. There are plenty of sushi houses around there and surprisingly people have already queued for their sushis (really early in the morning!).

2. Spend a night in one of the capsules

Where else could you find a capsule hotel unless in Japan? If you're claustrophobic, don't worry since most of Japan's hotel rooms standard size is really small and you may end up feeling claustrophobic as well. So try to spend a night in one of the capsules and usually the capsule hotel is one of the alternatives in case you haven't booked your accommodation yet. You can store your luggage in the rented lockers so don't worry if you're thinking of stuffing your bag into the "coffin" with yourself in there as well. Try it, greatly suggested!

3. Ride the bullet train.

Well, it takes approximately 3 hours from Tokyo to Osaka and the trip was made easy when I bought the JR Railway Pass. It's inarguably a fast ride and you can enjoy the sceneries along the ride. It is one of Japan's wonders; to be able to enjoy its breakthrough technology and surely you shouldn't miss it!

4. Ride the Yamanote Circle Line

Just in case if you haven't got much time to explore Tokyo for example, spending an hour cruising Yamanote Circle Line will give you a brief insight into Tokyo; how big and populated it is. If you enjoy people-watching, you will see Japan's own tradition on the train; where people rammed into each other to ensure they don't miss the ride (this is true during peak-hour). They push everyone around so they can allocate themselves a space on the train and trust me it is not a wonderful experience.

You may also notice sometimes the gloomy expression among Japanese and you probably have puzzles running in your mind trying to figure what are they worrying about. Typical personality A of the Japanese, probably. Or maybe it's just me who just like to judge random people? Okay, next!

5. Go to Harajuku and immerse with Japanese youth's culture

If you are keen on observing quirky fashion sense and style-that-is-out-of-this-world, pay a visit to Harajuku where you can see all the teenagers put on their "magnificent" costumes and parading them along the road. It's probably where all the cool kids hang out and all kind of clothing are sold there. Mesh mini-skirt, invisible shirt, tiny G-string, everything you name it. But if you're into a geeky,anime oriented person, you may head to Akihabara where you can be entertained by the girls that dress up like those in the anime shows.

For me, I would rather spend 2 weeks in Tokyo trying to adapt to its quirky culture yet it is entertaining and fascinating. But if you only have limited time to spend there, you could follow my suggestions.

Or you could enjoy my rambling about Japan here!