Monday, 2 September 2013

Dear "Laksa Sarawak"

Dear Laksa Sarawak,

I love you so much and I can eat you everyday. Once in a while, I can prepare you for my friends for quick gathering. But I'm so annoyed with people keep being ignorant to you, telling me that you're not actually a Laksa! How shameful! 

Let me do you justice.

Asyraaf Kadir.

Well, a quick snippet above is all about me whining to my food and I do understand why some people acknowledge local food like those in Sarawak as mysterious, rare and like-never-heard-of-before. I do understand.

So here it goes:

Laksa Sarawak is actually a rice noodle/ mee hoon served with gravy that is made with prawn stock, coconut milk and local herbs and spices. It serves with condiments like shredded omelette and chicken, prawns, coriander leaves, bean sprouts/taugeh, coriander leaves, lime and topped with "sambal belacan".
It is not like other laksas in Malaysia which some are made with thick egg noodle, fish-made gravy etc. Laksa Sarawak is definitely different than your other laksa experience and even a famous celebrity chef has claimed it is the best laksa that he'd ever tasted.

So please don't hesitate to try my hometown delicious and exquisite signature dish and feel free to claim that you are going to eat it again.

Here is a recipe of Laksa Sarawak for you.