Saturday, 14 September 2013

How To : Fall Asleep Easily

..It's already 10pm and you want to hit the sack.  So there you are lying in bed, scrolling down Twitter timeline on your smart phone before you eventually trying to sleep. Then, you realise it's already 1am and you are still wide awake and you feel anxious and horrible because you need 8-hour sleep before tomorrow starts...

I'm such a lucky person, I mean I can sleep anywhere and anytime that I want. I quickly doze off but I can be easily woken up too. So I just want to share my sleep tricks that I've been practicing UNINTENTIONALLY so far.

1. Sleep in a clean environment. Clean face, clean attire, clean bed, clean room. Everything should be squeaky clean. Why? First you don't want your sleep to be disturbed by spare clothes or chips on your bed. Second you don't want to wake up with ugly smudge on your face. Third, dirty room means bad smell and bad smell doesn't stimulate your brain's interest to sleep.

2. Pretend that you are paralysed (at least 20mins) and slowly take deep breaths while clearing your mind. Babies usually spend 80% of their sleep in REM phase and if you want to sleep like a baby continue reading. When you hit the REM (rapid eye movement) phase, your body is literally paralysed and only your eyes that rapidly move hence the name!

So, it's like you want to be famous then you pretend to be famous then you will feel being famous. Same principle here; pretend that you hit that REM phase and you will realise a night has gone peacefully while you're asleep.

Keep still and try not to move your body frequently and that's why a clean and organised bed would be helpful too.

3. Get physical during the day. Get sweaty, get all the muscles pumping, burn all the calories and basically try to get tired before night time. You will thank your stinky sweats later after you had a good night sleep.

4. People advise you to have this and that i.e. milk, chamomile tea and avoid caffeine but those don't work for me. I drink coffee before bed time and still I able to sleep like a baby. The key thing here is if it works for you then go ahead with it since human bodies are physiologically different from each other.

5. Stress can make you less sleepy! If you don't procrastinate and finish all your work maybe days before the deadline, that will benefit your mind health and your sleeping pattern too. I mean, I don't want to go to sleep while trying to work on my 1000-word essay. You got into a fight with someone? Forgive them and there's no harm saying sorry in the first place. It's not like your life-span is cut halves when you said sorry,right?

6. As a Muslim myself, I practice reciting "Ayat Kursi" before I sleep. It's a verse taken from the holy Quran and it does help me to calm down before I sleep.

Here you go, this is not a list of ridiculous tips but it is practical for me. :)