Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cloud-99 Ice Cream Cafe @ Kuching

Cloud 99, a new addition into Kuching's fancy eateries. It serves mainly home-made ice-cream which can be customised according to each of the customer's tastebuds.

Reasonably priced (medium size at RM9++ with 3 scoops of ice cream) and great variety of flavours available (including Teh C-Peng, gula apong, pandan etc) you should give it a try!

Taste wise, for me it was fairly just nice. I ordered green tea ice-cream made from soy milk and topped with red beans. It was not that damn good but it was only OK. My brother and sister complained about their plain and tasteless "bubblegum" and "blue-lagoon" so it depends on how high you set your expectation before trying them.

What pulled me in was the LIQUID NITROGEN! I found it was quite amusing whenever they poured the liquid into the ice-cream batter then the white thick smoke will flourish their counter table! 

They do organise birthday parties and that sort of stuffs and hold different promotions every day. Like a RM1 off for certain flavours on certain days. Such a good deal right?

Well, it is a colourful ice-cream cafe, even their Kitchen Aids mixers are colourful and covered with designated bling-bling. It is not that hard to find; if you know where Taman Sahabat is, it is right across the road and few shop lots behind Starbucks.

Go give it a try! Oh, don't expect too much from the newbie cafe but I'm expecting it will improve so much next time.

Cloud-99 Ice Cream Cafe. Precint 88. Jalan Song. Kuching.