Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Fullhouse Cafe @ Kuching

Another fancy decorated cafe with glorious servings of plenty Western food and pop-up store selling cute merchandise, this cafe is another interesting addition into numbers of cafes in town. The cafe reminds me of the famous Korean soap drama, Fullhouse and that probably explains the Korean ambience in the cafe.

My comment:

Food (7/10)

As expected from a cafe, Western food predominates their menu books with satisfying food proportion served. Drink is served in a medium sized jug which is satisfying too!

Price (7/10)

Western food no cheap! Most of the food is priced averagely below RM20 while drinks are mainly around RM5++. Yet, considering the amount of food that you get the price won't stir a trouble who's paying them (if you come in pairs).

Service (7/10)

It was OK, not too shabby not too professional. The staffs were helpful; answered questions appropriately, didn't mind being asked to take photos, and it was a warm gesture from them. Waiting time for food was a tad long but I was ordering 3 chicken chops (for my other guests too) so that was forgiven.

Facilities (8/10)

Seats and tables are available outdoors and indoors and they able to cater a huge group as well. So this aspect is not a problem at all.

Comfort (9/10)

I love it; comfortable, great lighting, great food, cool ambience. What else do I miss?

Location (8/10)

It is located at the ground of floor of one of the shopping malls in Kuching and it can noticed by afar since it is just next to a main road. No problem, ticked!

Overall (9/10)

I enjoyed my experience there; great food, great location, comfortable. But considering the price is a bit pricey, probably I'll drop by maybe about once in a month. That would probably make the cut since they introduced new menu every month and I don't want to miss it!

Pay them a visit at:

LG-21. Hills Shopping Mall. 93100. Kuching.