Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Pandan Thai Delight @ Kuching

This is probably not the best Thai food restaurant in Kuching but my family always comes to this place whenever they crave authentic Thai food.

Food (8/10)

Thai food all over the menu book. Expected.

Price (6/10)

A tad expensive; even a Tom Yum seafood, 2 plates of fried rice, a plate of pad thai (1 serve only), a bowl of mango sago, "Miang Kham", mango salad and 6 drinks cost nearly RM200++. If you want to burn a hole in your pocket, surely this restaurant won't disappoint you.

Service (6/10)

Service was OK, quick though I was hoping the staff can use a bit of friendly gestures. The lady in the green Thai traditional suit was a bit rude and not expressing the welcoming ambience to the guests. Maybe she just had a bad morning and I would assume she's the manager (since her attire was a bit extravagant than the other staffs).

Facilities (7/10)

OK, nothing to gush about.

Comfort (7/10)

OK too, comfortable and air-conditioned (if you're sitting indoors).

Location (7/10)

Strategic with plenty of parking spaces nearby. Not that hard to be noticed from afar.

Overall (6/10)

I enjoyed the food mainly but not the service and of course the price. If you're thinking of having a splendid dinner/lunch once in a month I would recommend this as an alternative but not as your primary choice.

Visit them at:

73. Ground Floor. RH Plaza. Jln Stutong. 93250. Kuching.