Monday, 2 December 2013

Rumah Hijau Cafe @ Kuching

UPDATE: I went there recently and I was so disappointed. What have happened? Have they westernised the cafe? Really limited western menu; my mum ordered beef steak and I'm telling you it was useless. How come a steak was as thin as "beef salai"? I'm not coming here anymore. 

I went to Rumah Hijau's second branch at Jalan Merdeka and I enjoyed my experience there. Quiet and beautifully decorated interior with great tasted food selection, it is another great spot for food-addict like me.

The original Rumah Hijau at Jalan Rubber is quite crowded sometimes with limited space for you to keep for your personal distance and it's hardly to park your car nearby especially over the weekend. Thus I decided to try out its new branch whether it stands out on par like the original one.

My comment:

Food (7/10)

Food was great. Period. Many selections available and they are quickly prepared, you barely feel the waiting since you are entertained by homey interiors. Few variety of cheesecakes available at RM5 each slice and some of them are great and some are "so-so" but not disappointing.

Price (8/10)

Price was reasonable, depends on what you ordered but most of them are priced below RM10 and the proportion that you get is reasonable as well. Not too pricey hey.

Facilities (7/10)

Many tables and chairs available (outdoors and indoors) and different kind of stools are prepared for guests to sit on. High or low, wooden or plastic, the decorations is nice and pleasant. Toilet is clean with entertaining mirror for you to gaze on yourselves.

Comfort (10/10)

I felt comfortable, not too hot or sweaty or too cold, it was quiet and perfect for an outing place with your beloved ones.

Location (7/10)

It is a bit secluded but plenty of parking lots available. It's hardly to be noticed from afar and it may take you to wander around before you can spot it.

Overall (8/10)

I enjoyed my lunch there and I won't mind to come back again in few weeks time to grab quick lunch or dinner.

Visit them at:

Rumah Hijau Cafe. Riveredge Commercial Centre. Jalan Merdeka. Kuching.