Saturday, 7 December 2013

How To: Treat Acne

I feel terrible enough to write this post since I'm declaring to the whole universe that I'm still suffering from acne and indeed I am. Never proud of it and I never had enough of it. It keeps bothering me everyday and never a single day in my life after it first started that my face is cleared from any ACTIVE acne. It's painful (occasionally) and embarrassing. But save the complaints aside since I'm here sharing my top 10 advices on how to keep your acne at bay (not curing them!).

1. Use appropriate skin regime

Salicyclic acid and benzoyl peroxide, 2 major ingredients in acne-busting treatment. Acne sufferers should have been aware of these. Most people prefer other prioritised facial treatment like whitening or shaping skin rather than treating acne first. This can lead to multiple exposure of different, harsh topical agents to your skin which may worsen your current acne problem. Thus, treat acne FIRST before opting for other skin treatment because you don't want to live with badly scarred skin from acne.

2. Clean and Clear Advantage 

I've been scavenging the entire world to find suitable products for my skin for the past 10 years; you name them whether they are expensive or cheap, modern or traditional I've tried them all. Tell me about frustration and disappointment and finally I ended up using this product after I found it with a great discount (yup I'm that cheapskate). I have been using these products for more than 5 months now and it clears up my skin better than other previous products. Though tiny acne still popping here and there, they dries quicker than the new ones showed up!

p/s: Use with caution. Better to seek professional advice before using them.

3. Witch Hazel Astringent

The best product that I've ever come across. Despite it's pungent smell, it works miraculously. It tend to dry your skin since it contains a certain amount of fruit alcohol so use it cautiously. It shrinks your pore, it dries out acne quicker than you could ever thought and it smoothens your skin's texture. This is a MUST!

4. Avoid make-up 

Avoid make-up or alternatively choose BB cream. Make-up can be too heavy for your skin even it claimed that it is non-comedogenic (or it won't block/ clog your pores). But if you're still heading to that "I-need-make-up-to-cover-up", don't forget to clean your face thoroughly before sleep. Practice double cleaning etc wipe skin with facial cloth then followed with your usual facial cleanser.

5. Exfoliate once a week (at least)

This clears up the clogged pores thus preventing further build-up of bacteria and sebum that can precipitate acne formation. Keep in mind not to use harsh exfoliants since it can exacerbate acne problem and dry the skin. Or maybe you can opt for natural made exfoliants like simple combination of raw sugar, lemon, honey and aloe vera extracts.

6. Drink a lot of water

Drink 3 LITRES of plain water DAILY. It flushes out toxin and it keeps you hydrated. Apart from clearer skin, you may notice that your skin looks noticeably younger. 

7. Exercise 

Not only this aids in detoxification, it's a great stress buster, it strengthens your muscle and it keeps you fit and alert. Try exercising 3x a week for 20 minutes in each session. I recommend that you should seek professional advice to find what suitable exercises that you can practice.

8. Take supplements

I wish I could recommend any supplements but unfortunately I can't afford to spend on them regularly (this justify my cheapskate-ness). But everyone knows how skin can benefit from antioxidants and multivitamins. It's like nourishing your skin from beneath the multiple layers and allowing skin grows and recovers better. There are some supplements that commercially distributed and produced mainly for skin and you can ask your local pharmacists which may suit you.

9. Avoid hands on your skin

By any chances, avoid caressing your skin with your hands most of them time. Leave them alone. Your hands are in contact with germs and bacteria daily and you wish not to spread and smush them all over your tender skin. Apart from washing your face and completing your skincare regime, your hands are NO NO hovering over your face.

10. If persist, seek your local GP or dermatologist

If your acne worsens or hard to treat like cystic acne, seek your local GP or dermatologist immediately. They can prescribe you medications that you don't have any access over-the-counter like retinoid, antibiotics etc. They can also advise you on other options like the pill etc.

Remember, ACNE is controllable and it's not because you are being unhygienic, it's just that your skin is too tender and more delicate than others. :)