Friday, 7 February 2014

20 Things To Do in Kuching

1. Visit Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV)

  • Don't forget to bring your student ID/IC for discounted entrance fee.
  • Performances are held at certain times so better not to miss out on them. Double check this with your hotel or give them a call.
  • Try to be there at 9am or 12pm and ask for the performance time. As far as I remember, there are only 2 sessions daily.
  • Bring sun protection.
  • Equip yourselves with a lot of stamina because there is a lot of traditional houses to visit and to explore. Gear up with enough courage to try all the traditional games.
  • Carry your own bottle water.
2. Sunset at Damai Central

  • Not necessary but enjoy the breezy wind from South China Sea there. 
  • A quick pit stop from SCV before heading to Kpg Buntal for seafood dinner.
3. Dinner at Kpg Buntal Seafood

  • I suggest Lim Hock Ann Seafood, it's right at the end in Kpg Buntal. The map above is so retarded but basically, whether you're from Santubong or Kuching, turn into Kpg Buntal road and drive till you reach the end of the road. Just follow the road with many houses along it so that you won't get lost!
  • Don't be late!
  • Ask for outdoor table if it's not raining. 
  • My suggested menu: oyster pancake, ambal (sea snail) curry, midin belacan, butter prawn, chilli crabs etc.
4. Breakfast @ Teh Tarik

  • Teh Tarik is probably one of the best food courts in Kuching (Please suggest anywhere else in the comment below).
  • Try their laksa and kolo me, they are a big must. Oh, ask for the special one!
  • How to get there:

      1. If you're coming from Jalan Satok, once you crossed the bridge, turn left into the first junction that you see and keep on turning left until you reach the round-about. 
      2. From there, turn into the second junction  or 1 o'clock if you're coming from Kubah Ria.
      3. Then just wander around and look for sign of "Teh Tarik Kafeteria" like the one above.

5. Try Manok Pansoh (Chicken in bamboo)

  • Look at the bamboo shell on the middle of the table. 
  • The chicken was cooked with special herbs, wrapped in a good wooden fresh bamboo; it was there in the bamboo shell before but all gone before devouring into other meals because it's that good!
  • Had this at Topspot, Kuching.
6. Try Umai (at most eateries but my mum cooks the best umai so hands down)

7. Buy Sarawak's specialty, "ikan terubok masin"
  • Honestly, I rarely eat this fish because it has a lot of small bones which irritates my throat. But for most people they find it tasty so don't forget to buy some from Kubah Ria, Matang.
  • If you're driving to Teh Tarik Kafeteria, you'll notice this red-colored building before you reach the round-about on your right.
  • You can also find "ulat mulong" that can be eaten raw or deep fried.
8. Ride penambang to Kpg Gersik
  • While you're strolling along Kuching's Waterfront, look for any penambang/ the small boat that going to Kpg Gersik.
9. Savour free samples of Kek Lapis @ Dyg. Salhah

  • Once you reach Kpg Gersik, look for 'Dyg Salhah Kek Lapis". In Malaysia, we have Datuk Siti Nurhaliza as the nation's darling and in Kuching, Dyg Salhah is like the superstar of all layer cakes.
  • But some people say "Mira Cakehouse" offers better kek lapis. Don't worry, it's NOT miles away. It's still in Kpg Gersik but probably few mins walk from Dyg Salhah.
  • You can savour all the free samples from all these cake house, so don't worry. 
10. Dinner @ TopSpot.

  • A MUST. Be here at 7pm before you ended up standing looking for tables. 
  • I suggest ABC Seafood because that's where I usually have dinner. 
  • Try to look for "manok pansoh" among all the stalls here. Ask for "umai" as well; try the one that is made from fish or jellyfish (optional).
11. Selfie with cat statues
  • You never been to Kuching if you didn't capture your moments with the cats. That's where Kuching got her name from, Kuching = Cats.
12. Admire the DUN building.

  • Kuching is well-known for this enormous culturally oriented building and it always looks great whether it's during the day or night.
13. Take picture of Kuching waterfront from the Star Cineplex building (optional if you're a keen photographer)

14. Ride the Sarawak River Cruise

  • If you have few bucks to spend, spend some time with this cruise while it's cruising Sarawak River during sunset.
15. Visit the Sarawak's Museum

  • One of Kuching's prides, visit the museum to know more about our Hero, Rentap and other interesting fact about Sarawak. 
  • Don't miss out the huge skeleton of the whale hanging from the ceiling. 
  • The museum is a bit old and outdated, but surely it is still informative.
16. The Old Court House

  • It's part of the old heritage trail of Kuching. It's right behind "Plaza Merdeka" and nearby are where the old post office building is, and the old streets of Kuching.
  • If you have few bucks to spend, try ordering lunch or dinner from the restaurants around that site; Magna Carta or Magenta. 
If you have extra days to spend in Kuching, why not having a quick roadtrip?

17.  Wind and Fairy Caves

  • They house the old settlements and you still can see the remaining artefacts there. It's quite impressive. 

18. Serikin and Blue Lake, Bau

  • Serikin is in between Sarawak and Kalimantan, Indonesia and famously known for cheap products and traditional crafts.
  • Bear in mind to fill your petrol/gas in Bau (the small town nearby) before heading there since there's no gas station there!
  • Can be overcrowded and with the humid hot temperature, you may sweat a lot! So try to keep hydrated while you stroll around browsing the displayed handcrafted mades.

19. Bako National Park
  • Visit here if you are a nature enthusiast and if you don't mind to enjoy the wild boar's company.
20. Borneo Highland

  • At an altitude of 600-1000 metres, you can enjoy the cool and breezy climate here which is situated at the Sarawak-Kalimantan border.

  • You can enjoy the warm hospitality here by staying at Annah Rais Longhouse; where the old settlement of Bidayuh people is still preserved. You can enjoy various cultural and outdoor activities here.

    • If you fancy wild life and nature, put on your safety jacket and go kayaking with your partner here. 
    p/s: All pictures above are coyrtesy of Google Search and their respective websites.