Saturday, 29 March 2014

Studying overseas

I'm currently reading medicine at University of Adelaide, Australia which is deemed as one of the oldest universities in Australia. Enough said, it also comes with an immense lot of workloads, heavier stress and greater peer-pressure.

I've been wondering why I came here in the first place. People remind me it's my "rezeki" or blessing and I should be thankful for it. But whenever I got dragged down into a black hole of dismay, I keep questioning myself "What did I just get myself into?".

Studying overseas is glamorous, according to some people. It's true, you can travel and you can become as wild and free as you can.

But it comes with a great price too. Homesickness, scarce availability of "halal" food, lack of social support etc.

Adelaide is great. Small and quiet, yet it boasts great festivals and celebrations. The best wine comes from this region and sharks always wander around in this region too.

When I was a kid, I've always want to go overseas. Now I'm here, I wish I could turn back time and smack the young ME for came up with that ridiculous idea.

Studying overseas is great. I learn to become more independent; I know how to do laundry, learn to cook and master other survival skills. I met great people; whether they are locals or internationals, they have influenced me for having a broader perspective into life and other matters. I've been into great places; Europe, South East Asia to name a few and the list will keep growing. I'm getting more courageous in my study, able to speak out my mind better and channel the right curiosity into great places.

But sometimes, I can't help but longing for my family and my hometown. Even though AirAsia has made the distance between me and them closer, packing, unpacking and jet lagging are not nice. Travel back home is wonderful but traveling away from home can be really tearful. Skype and FaceTime do make things even better, but sometimes I couldn't spare few minutes on them due to study commitments. I miss the comfort of living in my parent's house (so that I don't have to pay rent) and having my own car (to travel instead of waiting for public transport).

Nevertheless, I do enjoy studying overseas and at the same time I do want to enjoy the comfort of being at my home with my family and friends.

I wish I could myself split into two but I know people can't handle two of me because I'm just cool like that.