Sunday, 22 June 2014

Korean dramas in Australia

If you're just into Korean dramas (of course after being persuaded gently by your sister; like me), it's quite hard to find a legit website for you to stream korean dramas especially in Australia. 

Mysoju. Dramafever. Etc. All are useless.

"This video is not available in your regions."

I wonder why. Not that I'm at Alaska. Sigh.

Then I accidentally found this website which streams all Korean dramas beautifully with no restriction even in Australia.

Doctor Stranger, the current Korean drama that I've been following religiously. Despite the ridiculous doctor's ability to diagnose some heart problems with just placing his hand on the chest area and walking around in the hospital with his skimpy blank singlet,

 I love the twisted plot line.

Enjoy. You're welcome.