Sunday, 31 August 2014


I have this issue. I overthink. I overthink most of the time and it never does me any goods. 

Overthinking has caused me a lot of relationship failures, I mean two, only two. 

So this time, I've tried not to overthink but somehow the disappointment keeps on building up and *BOOM* it explodes on the next day.

I nearly put mine at risk today and thank God things fell into pieces again and of course, after I lowered my ego down to the earth's core. 

I can't help but not to overthink. Like for example if you want to go to swim, you're not going to carry your trunk only but of course together with goggle, sunblock, food and drink, towel and the whole toiletries in your bathroom etc. 

I guess that's how my overthinking behaviour developed and now it has been interfering my personal issues as well. From a lot of planning for the future, I miss enjoying the present because I OVERLOOK it.

p/s:I should see a psychiatrist. I need help.