Saturday, 22 November 2014

I'm a Swiftie

I've converted myself as the biggest fan of Taylor Swift. I'm calling myself a Swiftie. 

I was used to be those kind of people who were like, "Urghh another one by Taylor? Who's she singing about this time?"

That was long time ago dude.

Have you listened to "1989"? It's so good and I can keep on listening to it for days.

Blank Space. Shake It Off. Bad Blood. Style. I Wish You Would.

Those are my current addictions at the moment.

Love how she has been keeping her album under the radar. None has leaked before its release.

Love how she withdrew all her new songs from Spotify so her fans will have to buy the physical copy  of the album itself.

Smart move, woman.

Are you a Swiftie?