Friday, 21 November 2014

Wedding bell

Exams. Checked.

Life. Unchecked.

I wish I have more interesting stories to be shared to all of you but unfortunately I didn't have any.

Life is great so far. Apart from screwing up here and there during the exams, the rest is still going fine. I'm breathing fine. Showering and exercising. Still taking care of my appearance as I always do.

On a side note, people keep on telling me I walk super fast. My mum used to call me a lizard; because I walk so fast that I can literally walk above the water. Floating like lizard. Yeah, mum. Funny.

I mean, I mind my own business if you still don't the gesture. I walk my own pace and I rock my own game. I sing my own song and I dance my own rhythm.

Sometimes, I do prefer other's company but still at the same time I prefer to be left alone.

I know. I'm confusing. Even I haven't sort out my life goals yet.

With people around me getting hitched and married, someone was dared enough asking me, "Aren't you peer-pressured Acap to tie a knot too by all these people?"

Oh please, people still think I'm a high-school kid. So I'm going to sweep that under the carpet.

Anyway, I miss Malaysia. Kuching mostly. Food. Rain. People that I love.