Wednesday, 24 December 2014

BBQ Premium Cafe @ Kuching

Ridiculously long waiting time (approximately 25 minutes for my special lunch order to arrive) but good food.

You should try it out at Plaza Merdeka,Kuching if you don't mind waiting while being entertained by cheap quality tv shows in the restaurant.

I went there with my family around 2pm, which is somehow still considered as lunch hour in Kuching. It wasn't jam packed with people but I couldn't believe myself that I had to wait nearly half an hour for my meal to arrive (which was just a cup of rice, a scoop of coleslaw and 4 pieces of sweet and spicy fried chicken).

For 4 pax, RM100 is enough including drinks though I wish they could have discounted few more since my time was wasted waiting for so long. Time is money, people!

Guava Juice

Mushroom Cream Soup and Garlic Butter Baguette

Gangjeong Chicken. RM 16.90

Hot Hot Chicken. RM 17.90