Thursday, 11 December 2014

Cafe Cafe (Jln. Song) @ Kuching

I wasn't sure about the Halal status of the restaurant, but they stated that they don't serve pork. Well, no pork does not necessarily mean it's Halal but anyway I'll clarify about this issue with them later during the week.

Fish and Chips RM22

I love the interior deco. It's dark and edgy with sufficient amount of light used. There is this big "cafe-cafe" right up on the wall and I like the use of study lamps as the main lighting on the long main table. I love that there is a tiny section of mini sofas and tables at the corner which means you can sit around before you can grab any vacant tables. I love the ambience too; when I was there there was this big screen projected into this blank wall on Kylie Minogue's concert (which was full of half-naked dancers). But I couldn't hear her singing since there were other bunch of people celebrating birthdays and their companionship.

About the food, I had a plate of fish and chips which initially I thought it only serves one person. I was wrong; for the price of RM22 it can serve a whole family. It was so good, the sauce was delicious but I found the chips were a bit salty. I love the peanut butter milkshake, really amazing.

Vanilla Late RM 8

It's right across The Coffee Clinic and the next to Sunway College, and both of them are across City One shopping mall.