Friday, 19 December 2014

El Buey @ Kuching

If you want to have an eye-feast on talented young boys, you should come down to El Buey. 

 El Buey. Gr Flr. Sc 156. Lot 112. Jln Haji Taha. 93400. Kch.

Price wise for me, I think they are quite reasonable. But a crazy cheese burger for RM17.90 which drives me crazy because it's quite salty, I'll think five times before I decided to have this again. 

You have to pay first at the cashier counter then the meal will be served to you. My waiting time was about 20 minutes before my friend's first order arrived on the table. Yeah it was a super long waiting time just for a nachos (or maybe I was too hungry).

But the nachos was amazing. Wicked! 

Meatballs. For me they tasted like "jemput jemput". I mean, I was looking a moist crumbly meatball but these ones were dense and packed with a lot of flour.

Crazy Cheese Burgery RM17.90 Everything was a bit salty

They also provided prayer mats for you if you want to perform prayers. The space given was an open space with no partition or blinds, so I guess if you don't mind the noise and people walking past you when you pray then I guess you'll be fine.