Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Coffs @ Kuching

Aug 28: Quick update guys. Apparently the coffee shop was reinvented & renovated. Now it's brand new and pay them a visit guys!


Nothing much I can say about this coffee shop. 

Hidden gem but disappointing. 

My siblings ordered 2x milo dinosaurs and ice-cubed coffee which only arrived 20 mins after everyone was getting comfortable with their chairs. There was no one else in there except us, yet the service was super slow and it was only 5pm. Sigh.

But at least we entertained ourselves with Monopoly and UNO card games that were provided for their customers. 

Green Tea Latte. RM 6.50

It's not hard to find. You know where Plaza Merdeka is and the nearby police station, so just walk few metres ahead and to your right, there is a tiny alley that goes down to India Street. The coffee shop is on your left, on the ground floor of the only fresh-looking building there.

Ice Cube Coffee. RM9.50

Anyway, at least I gave it a try. I didn't order any cakes or food, because I saw NONE! Maybe the shop is totally functional at night or early morning, I have no idea.