Sunday, 11 January 2015


When I first created this so-called "personal diary", I never intended to put up my personal stories for everyone to read. It was merely for photos and recipes sharing, and occasional reviews of any available eateries in my hometown and elsewhere.

When I decided to change this blog's title, I couldn't think of anything else but my name though it doesn't sound like a blog about food. I mean, "Asyraaf Kadir" doesn't sound like curry puff or croissants and etc. Not even close to a chicken curry.

So I decided to keep my own name as the blog's name though I feel it doesn't have any market value. Like anyone ever going to buy the domain's name. 


I just finished my barrier exam and now I'm unofficially a doctor. Because of unavoidable circumstances before, now I have to extend another one year before holding the graduation scroll in my hands.

Praise to God and without Him, I don't think I could survive medical school and probably strutting my walk down the runway during Milan's Fashion Week by now (I wish).

I daydream big.

I once wanted to be a cashier; sitting next to a cash register and flipping strangers' money until I figured out a cashier is exactly not an accountant.

I want to own my own restaurant in the next 5 years time.

I want to create my own brand, "Asyraaf Kadir" in 10 years time.

I want to be a neonatologist. I want to save babies.

I want to build a women's and children's hospital in Kuching.

I want to give a comfortable life to my parents. They have worked hard for me and I can't wait to share my first salary with them.

Hopefully this 2015 will turn out so well to me. Insha Allah. Amen.

p/s: I'm a train wreck. I can talk from cats to world domination then back to why coins are made from silver.