Thursday, 8 January 2015

Cafe Lapis

Cafe Lapis. Jln Wangsa Delima 1a. Wangsa Maju. 53300. KL

It's a beautiful cafe. There is a bean-bag if you prefer lounge and chill outside the cafe. Otherwise, for me the cafe was just a decent place to hang out.

 Unless for the cute waiter, I don't think my friend would even want to drag me down there. There was this chick who works there pronounced their "pulled lamb" as ULAM. It wasn't only me who misheard that, it was all four of us. I was like why would you serve ulam to us in this fancy so-called western cafe??

A slice of Snickers/Mars cake. 

Flat white

Moroccan Meatballs. Taste like cheap frozen meatballs with a just-okay tomato sauce.