Saturday, 17 January 2015


I'm used to goodbyes. Every now and then, I come home and go away. But this time around, it feels different. It feels strange and overwhelming. 

Everything seems so attached to me and I can feel my hormones went haywire.

I'll miss lying on the cold tiles of our TV room, while snacking and watching movies. 

I'll miss walking back and forth to the kitchen and checking out my mum's cooking every seconds.

I'll miss driving my parents around, being their innocent driver.

I'll miss the sound of the vacuum cleaner breaking the morning silence in our home.

I'll miss the Malay tv shows (unbelievable).

I didn't make any new friends this time around but I'm happy with the ones I have now. 

I should have boarded the flight back to Adelaide on Friday but I changed it to the next day instead. I still couldn't get over this mood swing. 

Love this song. Ellie Goulding never fails my ears.