Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Dear 16 year-old

Dear 16 year-old me, 

1. Stand up for your own decisions. 

2. Your skin will clear up. Don't worry, and stop picking your acne!

3. You should do dentistry instead of medicine.

4. You should spend more time with your late grandma. 

5. You should eat more. So you won't complain how short and tiny you are now.

6. Save money and don't waste it on 400 RM pair of jeans! 

7. Continue playing sport.

8. Be more outspoken and hang out with more people (from other school). 

9. Get your bum out from your comfort zone. 

10. Be nice to your parents, because now you will realise how much time wasted when you are busy growing up and they are getting old. Stop being rebellious! 

11. Learn how to ride a motorcycle. 

12. Learn how to cook and fillet a salmon.

13. Treat guests accordingly. Don't lock yourself up in the room when they are coming over to your house. 

14. You are not a genius! You're just a bundle of experience.

15. Don't gossip or meddling in other's affairs. 

16. You are NOT Chris Hemsworth. Stop pretending you'll look good in long locks.

17. Plan to do business as early as you can.

18. Work part time at your dad's firm post high school.

19. Don't be dramatic and emotionally sensitive because no one cares. Man up!

20. Pray more, please.